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Re: Previous Studio Installs

  •  06-15-2020, 13:00

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    If the Red Giant plugins came from your copy of PS17 Ultimate I would suggest that you leave it installed - then if you reinstall later versions in future the "migration" ought to happen automatically without having to copy anything.

    But if you'd prefer to claim back the disk space taken by PS17:

    • Make sure that when you uninstall it, you do not accidentally remove either the "FilmMakers Toolkit" or "Motion Graphics Toolkit"
    • Back up the working Red Giant plugins' folders + their contents from Studio 23's plugins\RTFXv2 folder tree - then you can just restore those to get the plugins working again if you need to reinstall Studio

    The back up/restore method is what Tony (and quite a few others) use...


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