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Re: Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming in the American West

  •  05-23-2020, 2:44

    Re: Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming in the American West


    Great piece of video, Larry.

    Seems that the Mavic has no longer any secret for you, my friend !!!   Big Smile

    Thank you, Yann! When I was doing the editing it was evident that a drone sometimes doesn't make big difference from a regular video camera in the American West where the scenery is so large and so distant. If it can be flown relatively closer, however, it adds a look like none other. One nice thing about flying it out west is that there are no planes, people, or buildings to worry about, so normal limitations are not quite so restrictive. However, I quickly learned that birds of prey (in my case a Golden Eagle) just don't like drones in their territory. One came SO CLOSE to taking mine down, but fortunately my drone was about 5 meters from me... and the bird let it alone. I tucked it behind a close tree, but whenever I would bring it out to land there that eagle was. Finally, I landed it but my heart was beating quickly! A Golden Eagle's wingspan is about 6 feet (2 meters). This exact bird can be seen flying low over the river (the second bird following another bird) at the 49 - 56 second mark. It was then that he veered off and came up after my drone. Beautiful bird, though!


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