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Re: Crashing Problems

  •  04-30-2020, 6:27

    Re: Crashing Problems

    I have already tried Reset.  However I have repeated the process but separated the clip, which I hadn't done before.  It plays back fine!  I have taken my own clip which I have been having problems with, reset the time remapping and it also works fine!  I am mystified as to what I have been doing wrong, if anything.   I received an update yesterday, perhaps that reset something?

    Can you advise re the red/brown area which is created after a time

    remap?  I have been trimming it out to delete.  Is that correct?

    Re my C: drive.   I regret downloading the programme onto this drive as clearly it was pretty full.  I have an internal 914 GB F: drive which is 84% free and if I knew how I would move everything to that drive.  I also have a LaCie 465 GB external drive which I planned to use for editing as I understood that editing makes big demands on the PC's resources and an external drive would help. However Studio Backlot's training video appears to warn against using external HD.  

    Many thanks for your help. 

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