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Re: Patch is beschikbaar

  •  04-29-2020, 15:23

    Re: Patch is beschikbaar

    De officiele lijst met opgeloste problemen.

    Sorry voor het Engels, maar vertalen zou me te veel tijd kosten. 


    3D Title should not appear on TL if Cancel
    Resize and Crop improvements in Split Screen Editor
    Undocked preview, transport keys / shortcuts won't work correctly

    Pan and Zoom Jitters on Playback
    Menu audio no longer present after editing menu text
    Problems with Audio Ducking in PS 22
    ADPCM WAV file won't import to PS 20-22. Imports and plays fine in VS 2018.
    Color Grading changes on clip not reset in new project, and can't paste
    Request: Rename "Fades" to "Fade to Black"
    Unwanted freeze frames when add a transition between Time-Remapped clips, but okay when TR not present
    Clip imported from Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S has hissing audio.
    Intermittent H.264 export flicker when Acceleration = Intel
    PS imports shorter duration of clip
    MCE Proxy status bar missing
    Color Grading preview tab displays content from previous project
    Hide Used Files doesn't work in Montage editor
    Clip imported/Exported from Panasonic HC-VXF999 has crackling audio.
    Audio/Video sync-out issue in exported file, MTS source
    Request: Right-Click in blank navigator space,"Create Project Bin"
    After uninstalling PS23, Start Menu should be cleaned up
    PS properties shows different duration for video / audio
    Exporting 250 clips freezes export process
    If can't Display Information, then context menu option should be gray (not a regression)
    Mask: "Add a New Group" button should not appear until a shape exists in the first group
    Mask: Request, add Blur and Mosaic to functions
    Transition create doesn't honor "Overlap" if Trim mode is enabled
    Problems with uninstall, if MyDVD is removed before PS is uninstalled
    Ripple Transition should be possible with Shift+Drop
    Mask: Wand-created mask can't be moved with tool, only with Position sliders
    Alpha Channel lost, if rotation or effect applied
    Pivot point is shown anytime Properties is open
    Fonts in 3D Titler don't work with two-rows text
    PS displays hourglass, artifact while HFX editor is open
    Resizing Scorefitter window fails, draws black box instead
    Mask: Eraser - Undock / Dock window sets as "Done"
    Mask: font list should match styling as in Legacy Titler
    Mask: Position sliders are shown under group, should be under Shape
    Pan and Zoom: Settings are retained

    Pan and Zoom: On the Fly mode on photos, playback stops
    Pan and Zoom: Editing keyframe values yields unpredictable results
    Increase default size of "Display Information" window
    Mask - Open Slip, drag mask, PS crashes
    Markers in new Editor - need tooltip update
    Library, Search Box, typing is laggy with hourglass
    Regression: additional tracks created, when copy-paste clips from multiple tracks
    Translation for "Emphasize" in Legacy Titler
    Time Freeze - minor UI problem
    If done in Export tab, HW Acceleration switch looks okay in UI, but has not actually switched
    Snapshot as TGA loses Alpha - worked okay in 23.0
    Keyframe applied in wrong position
    Time Remapping: Audio OOS if starting after a gap
    Morphing Transition: Nodes created, when trying move - hard to use
    Seamless Transition "Replace By" chooses default preset
    Timeline tools - minor text issue
    Click VU meter during playback, pauses and audio level is maxed after
    Import: newly created bin should become selected
    Create New Project button in Projects tab isn't working
    Capture dialog obscures "Recorded"
    3D Titler will show wrong background clip, depending on clip (timeline) format
    Pan and Zoom: Can't start TL playback when PnZ source window is open
    Selecting plugins within HFX editor, causes HFX and PS crash
    Mark-in caliper setting on audio clip, becomes lost
    Mask: enable snap to boundary when creating masks in timeline
    Title vanishes when move clip
    Specific file previews in VS2020 MCE, but not PS 23.1.1
    Split screen sub editor - Pip rotation is reversed
    After saving a project, the timeline zoom setting, and scrubber position changes
    DreamGlow is missing from Editor-Effects-Camera, all other effects are shown
    Title text offscreen, underlying clip not fullscreen, text justify and selection problems
    Titler, blur has no effect
    Transition problems in 23.2
    In PS Control Panel, set snapshot directory, right-click, and PS crashes
    Library "Collapse All" isn't working for Montage or Split Screen templates
    Duration field, UI distortion
    Crash when Copy-Paste a clip to another track
    Mask: Mosaic adjustment should be "Tile Size" to match F/X. 
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