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Re: Exported audio sync issue

  •  03-18-2020, 7:15

    Re: Exported audio sync issue

    FWIW - I've just completed a series of long MP4 exports where all of the source clips were from s PAL AVCHD camcorder, which records as MTS files (HD 1920x1080 / 50i) with AC-3 (Dolby 2-channel) audio. And no A/V sync issues observed in preview or in the exported files.

    But I only work with "PAL" video (25 or 50 frames/sec), never at other frame rates (23.976, 24.0, 29.97, 30.0, 59.94 or 60.0).

    "Thinking out loud" - could it be an "NTSC issue" for example the Windows 10 AC-3 codec used by PS23 not understanding 29.97fps and thinking it's 30.00fps instead? If that was the case, a potential workaround may be to convert the "problematic" MTS source files to MP4 using a tool such as HandBrake (the MP4 files would use AAC audio, not AC-3). But export as MTS (and also Blu-ray disc images) might still suffer A/V sync issues unless PCM audio was used instead of AC-3 (Dolby 2-channel)...

     I am trying to devise a test I can try here that could uncover if there are indeed any such AC-3 codec shenanigans - I'll post back if I find anything...


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