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Re: Graphics Card Problem?

  •  03-10-2020, 16:11

    Re: Graphics Card Problem?

    Wasn't there an issue with transitions a while back? (can't remember whether it was in PS22 or PS23...)

    • PAL (25fps) project
    • Transition was created in "Maintain Timeline Sync" mode, and was an odd number of frames (e.g. 1 second)

    If Bob's title that blacks out is touching or overlapping such a transition, maybe he's found a new trigger for that old bug?

    FWIW I always use "overlap clips" mode here (I use a lot of manually-created scenes, which don't automatically provide any head or tail meat for a "maintain timeline sync" transition - I'd need to pre-trim nearly every scene to avoid the out-of-meat / freeze-frame during transitions)


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