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Re: Export Video Freezes

  •  02-10-2020, 10:51

    Re: Export Video Freezes

    If you look at your project and where the exported video freezes, does it start on a clip or transition?

    Does it freeze until the next clip / transition and start to play correctly from there or freeze until the end of the project? If it is freezing in the middle of a clip then try turning off Hardware Acceleration in the settings and see if that gets the video exported correctly. Also you can clear the temporary render files from the settings and try it again. If all else fails as a test export at MPEG2 matching your project settings to see if the export works.

    Do you have mixed source video files on the timeline? Several HD progressive from one camera, a different size / frame rate clip from a phone, some DV footage, and jpeg photos?

    If all the same can you give details on the type of video files. There is a program called MediaInfo.net that many use around here to get that.



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