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GTX or RTX Card?

  •  01-20-2020, 11:40

    GTX or RTX Card?

    The buying decisions of CPU and GPU are difficult because there is no reason to over-buy a component and spend money needlessly.  However, consider the never-ending advancements in technology that requires more processing power as the years go by, where is this balance?  It’s hard to know how to “future-proof” a new computer purchase.


    For a graphics card I am considering: GTX-1650 4GB; GTX-1660 6GB; or RTX-2070 8GB.  Each of these cards gets progressively more expensive.  If I edit 4K video, how high up this list of 3 should I go?  Is an RTX card needed if no video gaming is involved?


    Any insights would be appreciated.  Thank you.


    I should add, this will be for PSU23, and running 3 monitors. 

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