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Re: Re:PS 22 Project settings

  •  01-16-2020, 10:08

    Re: Re:PS 22 Project settings


    I already tried making a repair on PS12 but still have the same results. I also installed the PS12.1 patch and still the same problem.

    A repair of PS12 may not "put right" registry values that were trampled by the installation of a later version of Studio (it nay just be happy that the values exist, but not check what is in them) - and the values could be different from the defaults if the user chose a custom content folder location the first time they installed.

    I would suggest that if you haven't checked those Registry values that you do so; if you do find that they contain a path to a later version of Studio's content folders, that would be a strong indication that some "trampling" has happened. A little careful editing with Regedit may be all that is necerssary to put things right.


    Thanks Richard,

    I think I will make the DVD menus on my old XP Desktop for the mean time. I kind of find the DVD menu's a little difficult with PS22. I once made one, but it was quite a long time ago that I already forgot on how to do it. I have to refresh my old brain back again.

    Thanks for all your help. 

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