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Re: Re:PS 22 Project settings

  •  01-15-2020, 9:55

    Re: Re:PS 22 Project settings


    I'd say progressive, since modern TV are no longer displaying interlaced images.
    My gut-feeling would be:

    What is the issue with Studio 12 menus? I use legacy Studio (12/14/15) quite a lot for creating DVDs and have no issues with Windows 10. However there is an issue with VLC Player; a menu that has a solid colour or still-image background does not play in VLC; this is a very long-standing bug in VLC and not related to Windows 10 (MPC-HC (and the Windows "DVD Player" app have no problem with those menus). To work around the problem with VLC, use a video file a the menu background (even if that video file was created by exporting a still-image); you can put a soundtrack for the menu in that video file too.


    The problem I have with PS12 on W10 is that a lot of the DVD menus won't show up correctly. Have missing features. 

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