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Re: Re:Project Bins and Projects not shown on new computer.

  •  01-03-2020, 13:54

    Re: Re:Project Bins and Projects not shown on new computer.


    The copy and paste went as you suggested it would. There were however differences on what the final results of the copy and paste. As you can see in the included comparison jpeg image of the project bins, all media files for each Bin is not listed. I can explain the difference in "The Sky is the Limit" Project Bin because I did not cut and paste the two xmp files from Windows 7 to Windows 10. In this case the media files were not only shown as a total number in the Project Bin listing but the actual media files were shown and where the were located ie C:Users\Public.As I said this was not the case with the xmp files I had copy and pasted from Windows 7

    I know you said in your directions that I could edit the xmp files in Notepad but I didn't what edits you were referring to therefore I didn't do any even though I opened each one ans viewed the contents. Is it possible that there were edits I should have made to the xmp files after pasting them in Windows 10 and that is the reason the media files of each Project Bin is not listed.What I did do was have the Control Panel open on each Project Bin in Windows 7 the compare it with the Project Bin Control Storage Locations in Windows 10 making and changes that needed to be made. That step made no difference.

    Is there another step I should be taking to have the media files as a total number show in the Project bin listing and actually show when I click on a certain Project Bin? 


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