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Re: Re:Backdrop

  •  12-31-2019, 11:31

    Re: Re:Backdrop



    Thanks, it all works brill.

    Having pure black allowed me to add images as a slide show back-drop, the one thing though was that the eyes and mouth (talking and blinking) allowed for the picture images to show through, including some motion clips.

    This took me a while to sort-out, I tried to create a mask to prevent this but at 30 f.p.s  it was taking too long as the footage was 1hr 45min long and would have taken me a year LoL.

    Eventually I figured out that if I created a re-sizeable 'Dark Brown' oval mask (picture) and positioned it behind the subject it would block the backdrop images, it worked a treat.


    Thanks again




    Phil M 

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