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Re: Error Code 0x81310010

  •  12-09-2019, 14:14

    Re: Error Code 0x81310010

    I have this issue from time to time or it hangs on a timeline "HH:MM:SS:FF" point in the export. AFAIK you can't burn the disk again without rendering the project. So I will zoom in on the timeline and CTRL + -> to step through the clips to check for gaps. Also on the transitions if there is a light reddish color on one side and it is not at the beginning or end of a clip it can cause issues.

    Then when I am done and need to export to burn a disk I will export to the folder or .ISO format. That way I can burn with another program and retry the burn if there is an issue.

    And clearing the render files via studio settings between failed renders helps too.



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