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Re: Re:Map Tracing Effect?

  •  11-27-2019, 12:07

    Re: Re:Map Tracing Effect?

    Here is another example. It could still be improved, but for diminishing returns. I did up the flights to Bratsk in one Vasco project, the car part in this one.


    Once in the video editor, you can add annotations, titles, cut up the map (I put pauses at stopover points to help), and minor speed adjustments. I sometimes use the Vasco route combined with GoPro video PiP, so I slow down the portion of the Vasco video to suit. 

    You don't need Vasco StreetMaps as you can import an image from Google maps or Google Earth or OpenStreetMaps or something and create your route over the map. The vehicle colour can be modified, as can the text, route line properties, etc.

    I see that Vasco now has StreetMaps 8. 

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