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Re: Also experiencing the audo export sync issue.

  •  11-23-2019, 18:32

    Re: Also experiencing the audo export sync issue.

    The video is about 52min with one clip in the middle that is 26min. it is a lecture so not a lot of action and cuts. It seems to be in sync for the first 1/4 then slowly starts to drift. At the end it is about 2-3 second off.

    I have Windows 64 build 1903, radeon drivers 19.11.3 however I am kicking it old school on the specs AMD FX-8 core with radeon rx 560 graphics amd 16gb ram. Actually for Studio this is not that bad.

    Source is 1080p at 29.97 export is NTSC dvd compatiable and tried a few h264 formats. I am waiting for the h265 render to finish to see if that has the same issue.

    The other thing is for some reason after the export complete popup appears and I close it. there is a .tmp file that is also there with the same name. It is 0 bytes. I cant delete it until i close studio. when studio closes it magically becomes 90% of the other file size. If i drop it in to vlc player it has video and sound like the other one.

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