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Also experiencing the audo export sync issue.

  •  11-23-2019, 17:32

    Also experiencing the audo export sync issue.

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    I have Studio Ultimate installed. When I export to several formats I end up with the A/V sync issue. it seems to be with longer projects especially with clips that are longer in the project. I did find that patch https://support.corel.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037401834-Pinnacle-Studio-23-Export-On-AMD-Is-Slow-Motion-Or-Has-Frozen-Frames but it did not seem to help. Although when I run it it seems to run then close right away. Might not work with the current version. I have an AMD cpu with a radeon card. I did switch the hardware acceleration to none from AMD and clear the render files. Still the same issue. Tried mpeg2 dvd compatible and h265 good quality. The source is from cannon g60 camera in 1080p.

    Any other thoughts?

    I did notice that the ram slowly would creep up during the longer export. The added AMD support is defiantly a welcomed addition.


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