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Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

  •  11-13-2019, 9:32

    Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate



    Well, found out how to open the MCE finished project in a sub editor. May sound funny, but did not know before... so now I can put all the audio in MCE and adjust my levels later. YAAAY!

    I bet I can apply all the fades that way also instead of clicking on every*single*one in MCE. Baby steps. Sound quality/sync is much improved with this method.


    Found that my method of loading just the first files of each source/angle, then using audio sync is the way to go. Once all the source files are loaded, the sync does not work. As a matter of fact, it will take a perfectly sync'd set and scramble the &$#(@ out of them. I am learning to save often to allow for quicker recovery.



    AND... solved the mystery of the 'blacked out' scenes.(Pictures later, I am at work...)   Turns out that the AVCHD  source files changing in the middle of a selected block, twice in a row, will cause both the selected blocks to playback black. ONLY after exporting the final version, it wont show anywhere else, even if you watch the export as it happens. I got screenshots of the timeline showing the initial setup that produced the blackouts, and the correction. AND IT WORKED!   Have the final product out there, and seeing if any more 'blackouts' are found. I had a couple finished products that were not useable with the blacked out scenes... hours spent trying to figure it out. Finally noticed the correlation. 


    Anyone else run into this?  (or is my explanation clear as mud....) 


    I now know it is an advantage to start my cameras with a delay between each one, a minute is good for flexibility. Starting them in close succession does not leave much room to work around the 'seams' between the files in the source material.  


    Screenshots will make this clearer, and I have them..... but I was too tired to post from home after FINALLY getting the finished product done last night. Will try to get them up tonight. 


    I am in PS21ult, and the 5:1 plays back from the timeline, but I cant seem to find the option to make the timeline 5:1, and to export in 5:1. Only gives me mono and stereo in export. I know the PS23 does not have 5:1 anymore, but my PS21 still should, right? (OK, not a MCE issue, but while I was asking questions.... :) ) 


    Doing my best to make this software work for me.  Getting closer.  'Tier 2' support evidently does not exist, or I stumped them. Never heard back after a couple inquiries.  

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