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PSU 23 Time Remapping stuttering

  •  11-02-2019, 10:28

    PSU 23 Time Remapping stuttering


    The problem: Time Remapping stuttering in Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 23.

    I have had problems with "Time Remapping" (or whatever it was called back then) since Pinnacle Studio 16. The footages I slow down with it always stutter. For example, when I try to get smooth footage that is 100 fps it does not matter if it's slowed down by 75% (to 25%) or 1% (to 99%), it stutters! (The final movie is 25 fps) There is no difference between samples checked with "Smooth Motion" or not. When I try the same with Adobe Premiere Eliments 15 it always works fine, I get smooth results. I should not have to take this bybass so I am wondering if anyone has the magic solution for this problem.

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