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PS 23.1 audio out of sync

  •  10-31-2019, 2:43

    PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Someone in the spanish forum is having this problem and I hope someone may have a solution. Here is his translated comment:

    Hello, I have Pinnacle 23 Ultimate purchased, the problem:

    I'm out of the video audio when I export it, whether in DVD, Blu Ray or any file format.

    In edit mode everything is synchronized. I have also tested on different FPS in the timeline with the same results.

    When exporting it, the beginning of the video is synchronized with the audio, but as it reaches the end it becomes increasingly out of date (in clips of short videos of 3 min. or 5 min.).

    It happens to me in all the video clips I put in (no transitions, no titles... nothing).

    The hardware acceleration is in "none".

    I have the updated graphics (Nvidia Geforce GTX 770M), 16 Gb RAM, processor: Intel Core i7 4700HQ CPU 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz, Windows 10 64-bit.

    Please, I need a solution.

    He also mentioned that he has tried it on another computer and still gets the same results. He tried using previous versions of PS and no errors came out. 

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