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Re: Smartsound issue

  •  10-20-2019, 1:52

    Re: Smartsound issue

    I downloaded and installed SFP 6.4.2 Patch (98,204KB) from the Smartsound support site for use with PS22U on a Win7 P/C (unable to test on PS23 as uninstalled due to AVCHD issue).

    After the patch was installed there were many albums not displayed in the main SFP window, however, they were all listed OK in the SFP Tools Menu/Albums Tab.  Re-start SFP and all Albums and Tracks appeared in the main window (nothing missing and the counter displays the correct number of tracks).  Any 'sound' files are automatically placed in the SFX tab along with the new Hit files.

    I've Added, Adjusted, Replaced & Deleted SS tracks in S22, so the plug-in appears to be working OK.

    The only issue is that SFP needs to opened before starting PS22U to avoid a '....not properly activated....' or ....cannot be activated....' error.  I think this has been reported before but I have not experienced this until now.

    PS22U needed to be uninstalled and re-installed for the SS icon to display on the Timeline Toolbar (Both a Re-boot and a PS22 Repair did not add the missing SS icon).

    I'll pass this on to Corel support. 

    A separate issue is that PS22U could not be re-installed using the .msi file so I'll raise this in a separate thread.

    Chris C

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