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Re: Poor MP4 quality

  •  10-14-2019, 14:39

    Re: Poor MP4 quality


    For your interest.

    Have done old DV PAL file conversions to MP4 files for saving harddisk space.

    First you need to figure out if the format is the 4:3 or 16:9 by looking at it - your source is 720x480 which technical is 16:9 despite the stated 4:3 format.

    Then I use AVS Video Converter to convert to the proper MP4 format for Pinnacle Studio editing - if the visual format is 4:3 then 960x720 and if 16:9 then 1080:720, Codec to H.264/AVC and bitrate to 4000.

    In the AVS Video Converter you also can select a 16:9 format for a 4:3 format where you get black side areas.

     Thanks. These files have already been edited; I just need them in MP4 format for Roku compatibility. The format is 720 x 480i with rectangular pixels that yield a 4:3 aspect ratio. (If the pixels were square, the aspect ratio would be 3:2, not 16:9.) Anyhow, I will give AVS Video Converter a try to see if it yields better results.

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