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Re: Poor MP4 quality

  •  10-14-2019, 12:54

    Re: Poor MP4 quality


    I'm not sure if handbrake corrupts 640x480 videos like it does some older 720x480 AVI files making them 704x480(Content Only).  If your source video is 640x480, then set the Handbrake output video size to 640x480.  What device did you use to capture 640x480 DV?


    DV Spec:
    Closely following ITU-R Rec. 601 standard, DV video employs interlaced scanning with the luminance sampling frequency of 13.5 MHz. These results in 480 scanlines per complete frame for the 60 Hz system, and 576 scanlines per complete frame for the 50 Hz system. In both systems the active area contains 720 pixels per scanline, with 704 pixels used for content and 16 pixels on the sides left for digital blanking. The same frame size is used for 4:3 and 16:9 frame aspect ratios, resulting in different pixel aspect ratios for fullscreen and widescreen video. 

    Thanks. Source is 720 x 480 NTSC DV, and the output files (per MediaInfo) are also 720 x 480; aspect ratio is 4:3. I see now that I was misunderstanding the Display Size indication, thinking it was the actual output dimensions, which can be adjusted under Size above. I suppose I could try making the output 640 x 480, though I don't see offhand how that would help. I wonder if the problem is in the deinterlacing. Perhaps I will try turning it off.

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