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WW2 Life Story Excerpt

  •  10-10-2019, 17:15

    WW2 Life Story Excerpt

    I have filmed well over 200 Life Stories for people, but this time I did something a little different. A daughter wanted to interview her father about his service in the US Army during World War Two. It was an interview that served two purposes: (1) gives us a glimpse of what this soldier experienced during that war (there are not many of them left), and (2) it helped deepen her relationship with her father. What I did differently than usual is in addition to the two cameras I usually use, I used my phone as a camera on the interviewer. I also wanted to know what the phone's audio quality would be like without using an external mic for it. It actually turned out pretty well even though there was an echo in the room. My thought is that anyone can use a phone camera to do some quick filming without additional cost, and the additional cost of a lavalier mic for the phone (not much) would make it even nicer. Anyway, Studio 23 came through with a nice editing process and everyone is happy.

    HERE is the interview excerpt.

    Thanks for watching!


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