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Re: Smartsound issue

  •  09-26-2019, 11:31

    Re: Smartsound issue

    Hi Tony

    In SFP, below the 'Like' column there is a counter that displays the number of items.  In SFP6.1 it showed 938 items.  After installing the SFP6.4 update the counter only showed 917 items so I assumed that 21 songs were missing.  After running Library Update in 6.4 it remained at 917.

    After Uninstalling SFP6.4 and eventually PS22 (after a Registry clean) and re-installing SFP6.1 and PS22 the SS icon was still missing and I couldn't get it back on the Task Bar in Studio. 

    When I rolled back to a manual Restore Point created prior to the 6.4 install the counter in SFP 6.1 showed 917 items.

    I copied the Smartsound Software Inc folder from a manual backup and the item count showed 938 again. It was too difficult to find which items were missing.

    Details were advised to Smartsound Support.

    Due to the AVCHD/AC3 problem with Windows 7, I still run PS22 as all my source video is AVCHD.  Originally, it appeared that the SFP 6.4 (not 6.4.1 provided separately) issue only related to the SS icon not appearing in PS23, but Smartsound Support has since confirmed that PS22 is also impacted.  It now seems that all PS versions are probably impacted.

    I haven't installed the 6.4.1 patch (provided separately) as it appeared to be somewhat smaller than the 6.4 exe file.

    If you need more details I could create a Restore Point and try Installing the 6.4.1 patch and see what happens.  I'm just a bit wary of not being able to get everything working again and I have much editing to complete, although roll-back to the Restore Point does seems to work fine.

    Chris C

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