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Color correction and grading

  •  09-11-2019, 15:42

    Color correction and grading

    Two questions. 

    I just installed Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate and have tested it using projects created using PS22U. I´m happy with the results. The main reason I upgraded was for the new features for color manipulation.

    Corel Discovery Center has a website: What’s New in Pinnacle Studio 23. On that website is this paragraph on ENHANCED Color Grading: Take your color adjustments further with an enhanced selection of Color Grading controls. New LUT profiles make it easy to apply advanced cinematic color effects to your project. Select from a preset list, or store your own using the manual alterations you’ve made to a clip for later use.

    Where are the instructions for storing your own for later use?

    Corel Discovery Center also has a website: How to Create and Apply LUTs.

    Where are the instructions for creating a LUT using PS23?

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