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Re: Betreft: Smartsound issue

  •  08-30-2019, 9:49

    Re: Betreft: Smartsound issue


    Same here...

    SonicFire Pro 6.4 does not appear to work with any version of Pinnacle Studio (legacy or new, 32 bit or 64 bit - observed here with PS15, 16, 19, 22 and 23); the Smartsound tool disappears from Studio.

    To restore the Smartsound tool it was necessary to uninstall SFP 6.4 and reinstall the earlier version (in my case SFP 6.1.6). However, that doesn't completely "repair things":

    • Smartsounds start working again in 32 bit versions of Studio (15, 16) with no further action needed
    • But still not working in any 64 bit version of Studio - to get it working again it was necessary to uninstall and reinstall one of those versions (I chose to uninstall/reinstall the latest one (23) - uninstalled and reinstalled the program only (did not touch the standard/bonus content). After doing that, the Smartsound tool was available again in all 64 bit Studio versions (19, 22 and 23)

     I have sent an email to Smartsound tech support advising of the issue.



    Squinted my eyes, crossed my fingers and uninstalled Studio 23. Reinstalled it this morning and it works with the earlier version of Smartsound,  just like you said.  I will wait until I get some feedback from wiser heads than mine on the operation of 6.4 before I download again..

    Thanks again for the tip. 

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