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Re: Betreft: Smartsound issue

  •  08-28-2019, 16:21

    Re: Betreft: Smartsound issue

    Tony P:

    Nah... not that smart. SS is working and is vital to my editing. It's working just fine. The updates aren't that necessary for me, except the 64bit. But then, SFP never stressed the computer at all.

    I also have it for Vegas Pro, but haven't done it yet for that either.

    I sent Frank an email about the Pinnacle problems experienced with a link to this post. He hasn't gotten back to me. Must be pretty busy....


    ADDED: Frank saw the link. He said he is looking into the problem and will post in this thread if they come up with anything.

    Great. I'll keep checking. Thanks again Tony 

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