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Re: Saved or New Studio Projects won't load

  •  08-26-2019, 20:41

    Re: Saved or New Studio Projects won't load

    I had Pinnacle Studio 15 along with Pinnacle Studio installed on my computer since October 2013 and June 2009 respectively. Both were working flawlessly until about 5 months ago when Studio 15 became corrupted for no specific reason, Studio 12 continued to work until the end of June this year when it became corrupted the same as Studio 15.

    Earlier this month after purchasing and installed Studio 22 I decided to uninstall both Studio 12 & 15. Studio 12 uninstalled with no problems but Studio 15 would not and kept giving me the dialog saying "The configuration data for this product is corrupt. Contact your support personnel". When I contacted Corel I got the standard answer "Studio 15 is a Legacy Product that we don't support anymore".

    When I tried to reinstall Studio 15 by overwriting the original installation I kept getting the message "The installation source for this product is not available" even though the DVD was in the optical drive and could be accessed.

    As far as going through the work of installing Windows 7 on another HDD, Pinnacle Studio 15 is not worth it. Like I said I have Studio Ultimate 22 installed and I will just use that application.

    That said I want to thank you for your interest in trying to help me resolve the problems with Studio 15 and if the suggestion by Richard doesn't help me successfully uninstall Studio 15 I will just let it remain dormant on my computer. Right now the "C" drive where the operating system and all the applications are located is a 1TB SSD. I do not store any data files on my main drive (the C drive) as I have 5 other internal HDD, 3 USB external drives, and 2 NAS storage drives for data storage purposes. I can hear you saying why so many drives well being in photography can generate a lot of images as you well know. Additionally since 2005 I've been shooting and saving in both JPEG & RAW and if you are into photography you know a 24 pixel DSLR can produce some huge RAW files. I've also scanned my enormous collection of negatives into digital files for storage and once again you can get some gigantic files when you scan in at 2400 dpi and reduce it to 300.

    Sorry for the long winded answer but I wanted you to know where I was coming from when I said I would just leave Studio 15 dormant on my machine if the uninstall suggestion made by Richard doesn't work for me.

    BTW. Since you know something about Studio 22, later on I will post a problem I'm having with 22 in inserting scrolling text and having it show on all timelines.

    Thanks again. 


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