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Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

  •  08-23-2019, 7:04

    Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

    I am getting close to buying PS23, SO GLAD I didnt get PS22..   Nice to hear they finally got it to work correctly. For now I have to use the one they said worked, but forgot to include the asterisk with limitations. ;) 


    I agree that the waveforms SHOULD agree... and in smaller projects they have been. As the project gets bigger, maybe they 'drift'.  I can assure you, my ears told the truth. Sync'd visually, but not in playback.

     This last project was `116Gb, and Pinnacle 21 editor has MANY problems dealing with that. They may say there is no 'size limit', but real world experience says otherwise. I rolled some video of the monitor while editing. WOW.  It was starting to have video display problems on top of the slooooooooooow response times. At one point it went into a 'seizure' where the screen image was blinking like a strobe, and the little icon in the bottom tray that shows the program is active was duplicated...at one point it looked like there were 10 of them down there flashing!!! 

    I used a very cautious approach, and  exported a 'finished copy' at most steps of the progress, Easy to delete later, but if the program failed and lost the data...I was covered. 

    The final output has a few video 'glitches' - one frozen frame, and one 'black' frame. They both hold their attributes for the duration, and transition into the next without problems. The audio is unaffected.

    I went back into MCE to try to iron it out, and looked into it in the Studio editor,  but the trouble spots dont show there. But every export, they do.  AND...interesting enough, in the second set they do also! The frozen frame is from the same camera, again, and it is followed later on by a black frame. I merged the two sets together after creating them, and that was the breaking point for Pinnacle editor. VERY slow responding, and I was unable to add another title between the sets. When I tried, the program slowed to a crawl. Even after I managed to make the title, I clicked OK...and got the blue circle for 35 min (!) before I gave up and closed it with task manager. I was on the edge of destruction i fear... lucky I had saved the version before, and thats what i posted. WHEW. 

    Link to finished product. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyhi-4bTI0M  Frozen frame is around 5:27 in the first set, black at 15:49. it happens in the second also, I dont know the times offhand. (Found black #2, 1:26:25) Same camera freezes, I am not sure if it is the same camera giving the black frame. Audio has the vocals down a little lower than I like, but I do not have that as a separate track, and using EQ just brought the keys and guitar up also. Oh well, cant do magic....yet.... :) 

     Had a request from a band for a smaller set, ~1 hr 30GB of files. Loaded and working in MCE just fine last night, I am about 1/3 way through. I will give special attention to see if the waveforms sync with 'real' audio output. I think they will for a smaller project. 


    But it looks like if I want to use Pinnacle for bigger projects, PS23 is needed. PS21 will not work as advertised. Period. I will get the whole program, not an upgrade, so I can keep the instance of 21 on one computer for smaller stuff, and (HOPEFULLY) PS23 will do the big ones.  



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