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Re: Re:Saved or New Studio Projects won't load

  •  08-20-2019, 13:15

    Re: Re:Saved or New Studio Projects won't load


    I tried again this morning to uninstall Studio 15. After doing some research on "How to Uninstall Studio 15" I came upon this article https://support.corel.com/hc/en-us/articles/215911428-Uninstall-and-Reinstall-Instructions-for-Studio-14-and-15  in the Corel Knowledge Base.  After reading and skipping Section 1 I went to Section 2 and read the steps before attempting to follow them.

    The first thing I noticed was when I looked at Section 2>Step 4 there was no Studio 15 folder in C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\. However before preceding to Section 2>Step 5 I decided to look in Program Files (i386) and I found a bunch of Folders as you can see in the attached JPEG. 

    One of the first thing that came to my attention was Studio 12 & 14 have been removed from my machine yet there are folders for each still in  Program Files (i386). The next thing I noticed was a Studio 15 folder existed in Program Files (i386) even though there was none in Program Files.

    When I looked at Section 2>Step 5 and performed a search for a "Pixie" file I found several including one for Studio 22. At this point I terminated the Uninstall instructions without actually making any changes as those spelled out in the article.

    Again I ask for your expert advise before I do anything that will really destroy what you were trying to have me accomplish. 

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