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Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

  •  08-20-2019, 10:09

    Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate



    Well, shoot went GREAT. 6 camera angles, and good sound.


    Loaded the first set into MCE...and it worked!


    I did make sure to go to Task Manager and set the priority to 'realtime' before working.

    Loading went well, stared to hesitate when I got around 30GB, so I loaded two by two. Took a while, but it took all ~60GB of footage!  

    Had one 'hiccup'  during MCE editing, think I clicked on *something* by accident, and it would do nothing but leave yellow brackets on the timeline. Used Task Manager to get out, restarted and all was well. 

     Working with the product from MCE in the PS editor window, you could tell it was a large project. Everything you want to do generally shows a 'blue circle' for 1-2 sec after selection, but DOES WORK. 


    Got the first set video done, and mixed in the soundboard.  ~85% SBD, 15% camera audio. Sound is CRYSTAL clear and with pleasant tones. 


    Does have (1) frozen scene in the final product, the video does not move- acts like a still picture for the duration it shows. Then back to normal. I went back to MCE to try to fix it, but all workes fine in MCE and Editor... just an after export problem. Also has one where the video is 'black' for a short time. This only appears after exporting, not visible in MCE or editor.


    Syncing the sound up in Editor was strange also - USUALLY I can line up the waveforms, and all is well. Not this one. When the waveforms were aligned visually, the sound was off. like 1/2 second off!

    I ended up doing it by ear, and ignoring what was shown on screen. It looks like its out of sync, but sounds perfect.  Another mystery. 


    LOTS of time and work, but looks like things are finally doing what they should. Gonna be right on the wire, but HOPE to have the second set done tonight. Will post youtube links.


    I will post a more complete writeup, but wanted to update with good news. :)



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