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Re: Transitions explained in PS23U still not updated.

  •  08-20-2019, 5:35

    Re: Transitions explained in PS23U still not updated.

    Oh, sorry I didn't realise you had trimmed the clip.

    Quick examples would be:

    In PS22.3, add a 10 second clip to the Timeline (with Transition Mode = Overlap Clips and Timeline = Insert Mode).  Then:

    T1 - Split the clip and add a 2 second Transition.  The timeline remains at 10 seconds; there is no overlap.

    T2 -  Add an IN or OUT Fade (by dragging the corner of a clip to create a 2 second Fade).  The Timeline is shortened to 8 seconds: the clips are overlapped.

    At the point of the cut, trim 1 second off the start of Part B and close the gap.  When you now add a Transition, Part B is stretched back so its starting point in the Transition is now earlier than the end of Part A.  This causes a re-play.

    In my case someone walks up to a fence and through the Transition they walk up to the fence again.

    I hope this makes sense, as I said difficult to put into words, at least for me.  It looks like Corel has responded to the ticket raised and fixed it in PS23, thankfully for Ripples also.

    Regards and thanks.

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