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Re: Transitions explained in PS23U still not updated.

  •  08-19-2019, 21:02

    Re: Transitions explained in PS23U still not updated.

    Sorry for the delayed response.  I had been trying to come up with a clearly worded explanation. 

    However, I think Richard has explained the problem more succinctly than I could.  The issue had been raised with Corel and it appears to be fixed in PS23 so I guess it's time to upgrade and hopefully the PS22 projects can be opened and completed OK in PS23.  This Transition issue has made the workflow on large projects very slow due to the additional manual trimming required to get smooth video and audio' transition' between clips, particularly those with motion and high sound level variations.

    NOTE: Splitting or chopping the clip as in your test would make no difference as the clip is basically unchanged through the Transition.


    Chris C

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