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Re: NGStudio Hang

  •  08-16-2019, 8:44

    Re: NGStudio Hang

    Hi Ben!  

    Yeah, dont make dupe threads.  Keep doing updates on one, it will keep it near the top and someone might see it who can help.

     Sorry if I use some of the wrong terms, but I am a noob figuring things out. 

    Welcome to my world, but for me it first happened with Multi Camera Editor. Now it is starting to do it with NGstudio Editor after I import the MCE project.. As i add titles, etc to the MCE project it gets slower and shows the 'blue wheel' after each task you select. Never totally froze, but got slower. I am lucky that i only add titles and beginning/ending fades to my MCE project. 

    Are ALL your source materials on the local drive/ same drive pinnacle is located on? I was using an external drive to house my source files, and that mucks things up evidently. I now have a folder on the desktop called 'source' and put all the source materials in there for each project.

    How much source material are you using? I was OK when it was less than ~32GB total. Better was 24GB or less. Unfortunately, I was needing to use 4 cameras for a 90min set, and that was ~48GB.  As i loaded files, and it got closer to 32GB, you could see the hesitations grow. (in MCE) I found that if you added source files/clips ONE AT A TIME it would allow it without hanging. When I added them 3-4 at a time, it would tolerate it until the total was close to ~28 GB. Adding more than one at a time after that it would hang. Adding one at a time allowed me to load all of them. Support says there is no size limit, but experience seems to speak otherwise. 

    You ARE allowing the program to form proxies/'render' of clips/source material before working? (Brown bar turns to green, then disappears) Doing editing before proxies form will hang the program.  

    I have resorted to running Pinnacle alone on a new computer. Fresh OS install, fresh Pinnacle install.  Computer does not go online, no antivirus, used O&O's 'Shutup 10' to disable EVERYTHING, not just the recommended. (https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10)  That helped, as did gong to task manager and setting the priority for NGstudio to 'high'. I suppose 'realtime' would be better? but support never answered that question.  

    After you force it closed, if you delete the pinnacle22 folder it should open OK without a total system restart, or it did on mine. I run 21, so it was the Pinnacle21 folder.  I wish I could give you the proper directions to the folder, but I am at work. (in appdata maybe? Sorry for the incomplete answer)  

    Support can help, to a degree. I was escalated to 'level 2' support a week ago......and have never heard from them. So not sure if level 2 is better, or a STFU list. LOL.  

    Best of luck, I have been working on getting MCE to work for weeks. Getting closer...  I have a shoot this saturday that needs to be DONE with post production by the following tuesday... if I cant make pinnacle work I am sorta screwed on it. 


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