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Pinnacle Studio 22.3 is hanging while saving the project

  •  08-16-2019, 0:54

    Pinnacle Studio 22.3 is hanging while saving the project

    Pinnacle studio 22.3 Ultimate hangs while saving my movie project, windows shows a message like NGStudio is not responding, it needs to force close the program. After this i reopen the pinnacle studio and it shows a popup for continue editing the project or open last saved version of project. When i select the option for continue editing then program hangs again like before, when selecting the second option to open last saved version then it hangs again, now i wont able to open my project from file menu also, all other projects are opening just fine. when pinnacle hangs on any project then the project will not open anymore. Please sir help me with this issue.

    My pc spec :-

    Cpu - AMD R5 1600

    GPU - Galax Exoc NVidia GTX1050Ti

    RAM - ADATA 8GB+8GB 2400MHz DDR4

     MB - Gigabyte A320M

    WD green 240 GB M.2 SSD

     Seagate 1TB 7200 RPM HDD x2

    Antec 450W PSU 

    Windows 10pro x64


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