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Re: PS23 is here....

  •  08-12-2019, 17:05

    Re: PS23 is here....

    Yep--just bought, downloaded and installed the upgrade to 23. I AM SO HAPPY that in the settings there is now a transitions choice--keep timeline in sync OR overlap the clips (YEAH!).

    Had a little trouble getting smartsound to get recognized. Here's what I did to get it to work:

    --open Smartsound (my version is 5.7.5)

    --open Studio 23 and start a new project

    --put "Sky is the Limit" on the timeline

    --click on the row below the "Sky is the Limit" video, then click on the Smartsound symbol

    --I got the message "Smartsound plugin is not properly activated", so I kept the Smartsound screen open, closed Studio 23, started Studio 23 again, started a new project as above and now it's working fine

    IF you get the upgrade download and have trouble with the download stopping, I suggest after you download the upgrade that you reboot your computer BEFORE you start downloading. I rebooted and no stoppage after that. Very easy install.

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