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Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

  •  07-15-2019, 21:16

    Re: Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

    Hi Tony

    A bit more testing (projects with 1.5 hours and 3.5 hours on the Timeline).  In PS22.3 the playhead still jumps to seemingly random positions and there is a small delay before the playhead can be moved and play started.  I think that sometimes an edit causes rendering further along the Timeline (for some reason), even if no content on other tracks, which is why the playhead sometimes moves off the window or out of sight.  

    It seems that the playhead jumps to the point where rendering will next start instead of holding its position or being able to be moved to the point where play is to be started.  PS will not play until the rendering has commenced regardless of 'render while play' being set ON in the Common Settings.  It's guesswork when the playhead can be moved into position and play started (usually about 3 to 5 seconds delay)....if moved too early then the playhead keeps jumping back to the Render point until PS is ready.

    Quality = Balanced

    Optimisation = 90 

    A few 'old' issues in PS22.3 including those mentioned above but it seems to be very stable when run for a number of hours of editing.  Just needs an occasional re-start when necessary (Task Manager) to release Memory.

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