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Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

  •  07-12-2019, 5:41

    Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate


    I don't use MCE, so I don't know if there is a proxy file size limit.  Two Fusions and two gopros at 4K for 90 minutes is about 450-500gigs.  These four clips work fine on the timeline in parallel.

    I detach the audio from the video track on the camera I want to grab the audio from.  Once detached, I move the audio to the bottom track.  I just re-sync the video to the main audio track during cuts or transitions.  A simple cut, then ctrl-shft to select all the downstream tracks and clicks, then pull them back re-aligns the audio.  Only needed when showing close-ups.

    With the fusions, there is no need for a jib crane.  It's amazing.  The INsta360 X one is supposedly even better, but it won't work with my gopro remote, so for now I'm sticking with the fusions.

    They make a foam dart(drifter) body for the insta360 cameras, that allows them to be thrown over the audience and capture everyone and everything.  The dart body does not appear on the video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaQf0-X1S2Q

    It's a totally new way to record. Since it records everything, you can even tie it on a string and swing it around.  You can thing pull any and as many 16:9 video clips from the 360 video that you want.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4qsUHSAWvU 

     This was the clip that made me decide to buy the fusions.  The Insta360 in the car wheel video has a scratched up water proof case on it.  The Fusion is waterproof without a case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6weD4EeyLVs

    The drawback.  Each fusion takes two SD cards.  One for front video and one for back video.  It does take a overclocked i9-9900k several days to stitch the 90 minute front and back 5.1k video files together into a 10.2k or 4k 360 video file.  Then I use INsta360 studio to pull my 16:9 video shots from that.  That goes pretty fast.  You can retake as many clips as you want from the same shot.  I then load these into PS for final editing.



    I would be interested to see what happens if you do try to load one of those monsters in MCE.


    This is some cool stuff!  Its a bit ahead of where I am now, but I can hope. (Who am I kidding?  I dream of doing stuff like this!!!)  Thats AWESOME footage.  PLEASE upload a link to a sample of your work. 

    Good luck uploading... this forum kinda lacks user friendly functionality.  But some cool people so far!  

    Thanks ACSScott!!   



    Well, I still have to try tech support. I sincerely hope that the MCE not working is somehow on my end. Its really the whole reason I got Pinnacle Studio. So a noob like me who doesnt know how to use the editor window can get a good looking multi camera video done.



    Until I get help from tech support..... 

    I came up with another try for a workaround, hopefully will get a chance to see if it works this weekend. Lets see if I can type this up legibly...


    (Same conditions as the last try - 4 cameras, 6 files each for a 90 min show)


    1) for each camera, take the 2nd - 6 files for camera one, put them all in the editor timeline, then export as a movie. Repeat for all cameras. Now I have all four camera angles into separate movies, all missing the first file.

    2) WHY? Well now I take the first file of each camera, and load it into MCE.  I know MCE will not have a problem with that small a load. Now I am in MCE, with the first file of all four cameras sync'd. 

    3) Now I take the 'movie' that is the first camera, minus the first file. I add this movie to the end of the first file in the timeline of the MCE for that camera.  Repeat for the other cameras. Edit entire set and finish...


    This will reduce the file number, but not the size. Be interesting to see if it works, as it could help reveal if it is a problem with the overall size of the project, or the total number of files in the project. 

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