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Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

  •  07-11-2019, 12:09

    Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

    OK!  Some googling taught me what a 'Fusion' camera is, its a 360* gopro. I hope to use some of that sweet 360 footage someday....

    First, THANKS for the reply. I am a noob, and know I am using the wrong terms sometimes. And I may not know about 'basic' things...like I have no idea how to use markers. :O  

     Replies to your quote are nested within it with a ****** befor eand after. 



    The last concert I shot, I used Gopro's and fusion cameras in 4k.  Controlled them with a single gopro remote.  All the files are in sync.  Not perfectly, about 200msec off after an hour and a half, but not really noticeable. I do make small adjustments here and there.  I as well only use a single cameras audio, and bring the levels up on others between songs or shout outs.

    ***** Nice!  Few questions.. How long a show? When you have all the footage together from that shoot, how big is the whole package? Above, I set an example where a 90 min shoot results in ~48GB of video files to process. Using 4K I would think it would be much bigger....

     I never stop the cameras during a set, but will if there are breaks between sets. If I am not monitoring a stage, like this last festy, I just 'set and forget' and edit the dead time out.

    I generally can get soundboard audio to mix in the matrix, as I am recording with the 'blessing' of the band/venue/promoter. When I am 'just a rogue taper' I will use Zoom H2n recorders for audio supplementing. I have some tricks that can give near soundboard quality from good PA sound using the H2n's recording in MS raw. 

    Unfortunately, one remote wont work all my cameras.   Some do not have remote capability, some do. 

    You dont notice 200ms of sound misalignment?!?! I get irritated when it gets off by more than 15ms... 200ms would be near unsustainable. Maybe you are referring to video sync? Then yeah, I bet that goes unnoticed. ******.  

    With the Fusions, you change re-shoot any scene as many times as you would like.  I don't use PS or gopro's software to do the 3D overcapture to 16:9 conversion.  I use "Insta360 Studio".  It works awesome.  I then place all the clips on the PS21.5 timeline, use the razor to cut each transition, then delete the clip portions you don't want displayed.

    *** AWESOME. I am SO looking forward to using 360 footage... but after I get MCE to work. A 20 foot jib crane is on the wish list, and would be so cool to have a 360 on it.  THANK YOU for the guidance on Insta 360 studio, will keep that in mind.  *** 

    Anyway, I know it doesn't help you now, but maybe for your next shoot!

    Good luck. 

     Thanks. Every little bit helps, even if I dont know what to do with the knowledge at present time. 


    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the reply.  

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