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Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

  •  07-11-2019, 11:40

    Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

    OK,  I am NOT having problems with audio drift. 

    When I was doing the entire set in one go, it would stay sync'd all the way to the end.  

    Step by step:

    Setup: 4 cameras each with 6 files covering a 90 min set. Each file is ~2Gb, or 17 min.


    1) Load the first file from each camera into MCE. Wait for rendering.

    2) Audio sync. Usually works GREAT with just the first files to do.

    3) With tracks sync'd,  add the files to each camera's timeline(?) on MCE. I only add 2-3 files (4-6Gb) at a time, or else things freeze up. And WAIT for each of the added files to render before attempting to add more, otherwise freeze up again.

    4) As I add the tracks, it s fine until I start to get up to ~16 files total. Then MCE starts to 'stutter', it will have delays, and take time for the files to 'appear' on the timeline after adding them. 

    5) Once I get close to 32Gb, MCE just stops working. Attempting to add files will result in MCE freezing up.



    The (original) problem isnt audio drift, it is that MCE cant seem to load above 32GB of files (or their proxy equivalent?)   I am not sure if it is a software problem or if there is something on my computer doing it. I went to the expense of buying a new computer with Win 10 64 bit pro, 64GB of ram, 6 core processor JUST to run pinnacle studio. It will do smaller projects, but not my larger ones. I have a few 2 hr shows that I have not even processed. Artists have givin up on me for now. :( 


    RE: compression- I use all Sony handycams, but different models. (about 11 total I think now...)  Even among the same models, the audio recording can be very different. I got many used, so maybe it was a rough life before, or ????. But even among the same brand and model I have found big differences in Audio. If audio is important, I know which cameras give the best audio and I use them :)  They do all stay in sync, but the waveforms from some of them are about impossible to sync visually. Using my 'First Files Only' method, the sync works fine every time, so manual alignment has not been an issue. 

    Now there IS sync issues when I am trying to split up the set for MCE, then recombine it in editor to one set. I can get really close to the same spot on the waveform to make the 'seam' between pieces, but it is off enough that after 3 'seams' it is very noticeable.  

    I can see now where the 'workaround' problems have been mixed in with the original problem in the thread. Sorry!  Will try to be clearer.  

    @ ACSSCott - still working on understanding your post!  NOOB here. THANK YOU for the patience, and THANK YOU for the response, will be addressing it soon. On lunch here at work. 





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