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Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

  •  07-10-2019, 15:03

    Re: Getting MCE to work in Pinnacle 21 Ultimate

    Well, I am not too happy with the results. Piecing together the 4 pieces and syncing audio is a PITA.  The trim feature goes only so fine in resolution, so my cuts are off just enough that I cant use the camera audio. I like to, as it is in 5.1 and supplies the room noise. I keep it ~16 dB down, but ti does add ambiance. With the soundboard only it sounds 'lifeless'. 


    Now, in addition to having 3-4 separate parts that I have to recombine, looks like I will have to rip the 5.1 audio from the camera video, blend with soundboard and re-import as finished audio.  Great. MORE time. 


    I must be missing something.

    This is a 4 camera 90 minute set. 1920x1080 17mBs. Not like I am shooting 4K. And MCE cant handle it?!? 


    I will now have to venture to support. Will report back.  Somewhat surprised support does not monitor this forum. Thanks for the help Tony, and also shout out to Saby for the coding help. ;) 

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