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Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions

  •  07-09-2019, 6:00

    Studio 22.3 Patch - First Impressions



    I decided to install the V22.3 Patch whilst in the early stages of editing 5 long-form projects to see if the patch contained any enhanced functionality to improve the editing workflow.  My projects typically start with 2 to 3.5 hours of travel video (M2TS), JPEG and TIF files on the Timeline plus Titles, SmartSounds & MP3s added in the later stages.


    The V22.3 Patch installed OK in a few minutes and everything appeared to function as before.  CCleaner Registry Cleaner identified a dozen or so missing .dll issues after the install that appeared to relate to Add-On Effects (I didn’t check these items in detail).  However, I have noticed that PS22.3 uses and accumulates much more Memory (Task Manager) than PS22.2.


    There appears to be no new or modified functionality that would speed up the editing workflow, however, it was unclear how the changed Memory handling would impact.


    As there is no Change Log it was difficult to test for anything specific.  However I created a TEST long-form (90 minutes) movie project from start (create Project Bin) to finish (Export as H264/AVC 720p 25fps).  The export took about 3 hours to create the 8Gb MP4 file that plays OK…..similar time to PS22.2.


    All worked OK (on my Win7 64Bit / Nvidia GEForce 650 system).  I continued to work on a Project with about 3.5 hours of M2TS clips on the Timeline.


    Observations below; for the purposes of this post ‘Fades’ refers to dragging back corners of clips on the Timeline to create a Transition.


    Performance - Memory

    • In PS22.2, when the Task Manager displayed 500,000K to about 800,000K Memory (Private Working Set), Studio seemed to run OK and stable. The Memory would increase and decrease until it exceeded 800,000K where PS started to become sluggish and erratic.  A re-start and PS was back to ‘normal’.  Occasionally a P/C re-boot was necessary but that was rare.

    • In PS22.3 the Memory starts at about 675,000K when PS opens.  When editing is commenced on a 3.5 hour project the Memory (Private Working Set) immediately increases to beyond 1,000,000K.  Continuing to edit and the Memory gradually increases to beyond 2,500,000K with little impact on performance.  Basic editing for more than two hours (trims, moves, Fades & Transitions, etc) and it appears stable.  However, it seems that at least some Memory is not released….the Task Manager counter just keeps increasing.

    • I ran PS22.3 continuously for a couple of days, editing periodically.  There was no reduction of Memory when PS was idle.  Eventually Memory (Private Working Set) in Task Manager reached about 3,100,000K; the Physical Memory 81% and an error message appeared indicating the Program failed and needed to close.

    • Up to the time of failure there appeared to be little degradation in performance.  Editing was a little slow at times but I think probably due to 3.5 hours on the Timeline.

    • Re-started PS and select continue editing and all OK; Memory back to 675,000K and begins to climb again.

    Colour Correction 

    • Can now delete CC from clips on the Timeline.  I could not do this in PS22.2


    Freeze Frame

    • When added to Video generates a stuttering noise across the Freeze section.  Not sure if same in PS22.2 or if by design but, would expect to have no sound as is the case when still frames are added for Transitions.

    • If a Freeze Frame is added to a Picture (not sure why this would be done) the image turns black on the Timeline and becomes completely Transparent when viewed.  Seems a bit strange.

    Fades and Transitions


    Based on the V22.3 Fades and Transitions handling the main issues, in my opinion, are: 

    • Transition Mode setting in the Control Panel only allows Fades to overlap NOT Transitions (Fades do not always overlap where the duration is later modified)

    • Ripple a Fade or a Transition never overlaps regardless of the Control Panel setting and Timeline Mode

    • When an IN Fade is added and clips overlap, the clips are pulled from the Left.  This creates a gap at the start of the track and causes track sync issues to the left.  Clips should pull clips from the right and shorten the Track/Timeline.

    • Probably cosmetic – ‘Add Transition IN’ and ‘Add Transition OUT’ from the context menu always creates a CENTRE Transition.  Probably should only need ‘Add Transition’  

      NOTE: Workaround for overlapping Transitions is to add/maintain a Fade and then drag a Transition over it.


    As indicated previously, to achieve smooth video and audio, Fades and Transitions the clips need to overlap in most cases.  For Long-form projects this can require hundreds, sometimes over a thousand trims of Start, End or Both ends of clips per project.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible to shoot video with editing in mind but regardless of this, audio can only transition if the clips are trimmed or overlapped….so much manual trimming is necessary.


    No other changes are obvious in the functions I frequently use.  The impact of the increased Memory use….I guess only time will tell but PS22.3 appears to be stable and robust.  At this stage I can see no reason (at least on my system) to roll back to PS22.2 or earlier.  Re-booting occasionally to restore Memory is not a big deal but probably indicates a problem that needs to be fixed.

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