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Re: Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate keeps crashing when I click on "Export"

  •  07-01-2019, 12:18

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate keeps crashing when I click on "Export"


    Yesterday, when trying to troubleshoot my issue, I've tried to update the drivers of both video cards I have in the PC; the NVIDIA GTX1050ti and internal Intel Graphics 630.  I''ve installed the latest NVIDIA driver available on Dell's website for the NVIDIA card; and tried also the latest drivers for the Intel 630 I could find, version dated 6-19-2019 on Intel's website, and also version dated 6-2-2019 from Dell's website.  Same results for each one, PS22 kept crashing when I clicked on the "Export" tab.

    After reading this post  where the user had to revert back to a (very) older version of the Intel Graphics driver to be able to export a project in PS20 (version  for the Intel 530), I figured I could give this a shot.  Went to Intel's site to find a similar driver for the Intel 630, and have found, downloaded and installed version dated 2017-08-02.  After a PC reboot, opened up PS22 and tried exporting the "Sky is the limit" demo; and it did not crash this time.  I was able to see everything in the Export tab without crashing.  Big Smile

    So it looks like there is an incompatibility issue between PS20 and up, and Intel Graphics drivers ending with 6xxx, based on my experience and data from other posts regarding this issue.  If I read right, the main changes between Intel's 4xxx and 6xxx versions of their driver was that 6xxx were intended to allow the support Intel's 9th generation of their chips.  Could it be that there is something regarding the 9th gen support of their chips in this driver that PS does not like, and that causes these crashes when exporting a project ?  What puzzles me is that Corel VideoStudio 2018 was not having any issue whatsoever with the latest 6xxx Intel Graphics drivers. 

    Also,if I go thru updating my Windows 10 version to 1903, I guess it will install at the same time a newer version of the Intel driver, and maybe it could prevent me of reinstalling the older working version.

    Anyhow, there is hope now !  Yes


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