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Re: Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate keeps crashing when I click on "Export"

  •  06-30-2019, 21:03

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate keeps crashing when I click on "Export"



    Here are the specs:

    Dell Inspiron XPS8930 PC with 16Gb ram, Samsung EVO 970 256 Gb SSD HD (C: drive),  regular 1 Tb HD s as D: drive, NVIDIA GTX1050ti and internal Intel Graphics 630 video cards, Windows 10 64bit V1809.

    I have installed Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate on the D: drive.  All my apps are on the D: drive to save some swapping on the SSD drive, since it is only 256 Gb. However, the render directory has been left on the C:\users\AppData directory. PS 22 has also been updated to the latest version V22.3.  

    Whatever video clip I import in the software (any format; MP4, M2TS, etc.), every time I click on the "Export" tab, Pinnacle Studio 22 keeps crashing.  I've tried a lot of video file types, and it just keeps crashing after a few seconds when I click on "Export". The video files plays fine either in the Import tab,or on the timeline of the software when imported.  They just cannot be exported, It crashes every time.

    I've read a couple of similar topics in here, and I have also tried to revert back the drivers of both video cards (the external NVIDIA and the internal Intel 630 cards).  No luck, still the same.

    I was using Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 before, and never have experienced something similar. Now I'm stuck with PS22.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

    All of your programs must be installed in c drive to work well. You can store all your documents in d drive and work from there.

    How much free space do you have on c drive. 

    Windows 10 version is already 1903, so you may want to consider updating it if not done so. (make sure you backup your files before updating). 

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