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Re: Studio 9.4 not registering.

  •  06-28-2019, 13:04

    Re: Studio 9.4 not registering.

    R_Vera,  Thanks for the reply and info. I followed that link and do see some ads for Pinnacle Studio on there.  I guess you would have to get a new old stock version that has never been opened to guarantee that it would work.  My Studio 9.43 AV/DV Deluxe (Plus) worked fine as long as everything was unlocked.  Do you think those later versions were that much better than Studio 9?

    If you are happy with Studio 9, you can continue using it. If you want to buy a later version that is up to you to decide. You can still have the previous version of PS installed just in case you may need it. If you decide to buy from ebay make sure you contact the seller and advise them if the item is already unregistered. 

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