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Re: Studio 9.4 not registering.

  •  06-28-2019, 9:38

    Re: Studio 9.4 not registering.

    R Vera,     I still received no call from tech support yesterday so I think I am going to have to have one of the moderators intervene on this.  Unless Saby is already doing this I don't know.   You stated previously Windows XP will work up to Version Studio 15?  The reason I'm asking is because the resident nerd as they called him at work at the time gave me a couple different versions of Pinnacle Studio when he found out that I had purchased version 9.43 AV DV Deluxe.  I know one was version 10 and the other I'm not sure of but he did not give me any documentation or serial numbers on those. The funny thing is he wanted to keep his version 8, I don't know why, I guess he liked the way version 8 worked.   I've only used my version and the upgrades and supplements I have purchased.  I did ask Saby his opinion on whether or not I should do an uninstall/reinstall of my current installation first because I had forgot that Pinnacle recommends that you install the program on a seperate hard drive than the operating system drive which I did not do and in doing so a new install would change the passport number thereby regenerating a different set of activation keys than if I left it the current way it's configured to the C: drive.  Do you think I should uninstall and reinstall to the secondary drive before submitting passport I.D. and serial number and all that information to a moderator to go through the process?  I was reading the manual and that's where i got some of this information..  ThanksSmile

    Have patience. Saby already submitted your request and it takes time to receive your new keys. Saby should send you the keys by PM once he gets them.

    As per your other requests. The programs that the other person gave you without the activation keys are worthless. He already registered his keys and you won't be able to activate it under your email. You can find PS 15 or earlier versions on ebay quite cheap. 

    I already checked on ebay and I only found PS12, which is also real good. I use it a lot and works as a champ. You can check yourself daily since it keeps updating daily.


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