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Re: Upgrade Question (from 21 to 22 Ultimate)

  •  06-09-2019, 20:10

    Re: Upgrade Question (from 21 to 22 Ultimate)


    Hello all. I have a rather quick question.

    I currently have Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate (21.5 to be precise), and I am wanting to upgrade to Pinnacle Studio 22.

    Of course, I want to save money... so I am going to choose the UPGRADE option (which is currently $50 off for us Canadians).

    However... when I am choosing this option, will I get the FULL VERSION of 22..?? What I mean is... does the upgrade "leech" code off of my already installed version 21?

    This is important to me, because down the road (around September or so), I will be buying a new laptop, and I will NOT be installing version 21.

    Will my newly acquired UPGRADE of 22 work on a system that DOES NOT HAVE 21 installed, or does it always need version 21 to run?

    Thanks in advance to any replies,

     Dan M. 

    Upgrade Version means you need the previous version installed to be able to install the newer version of PS (or the activation key).

    Full Version you don't need the previous versions installed. 

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