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Betreft: Re: Intermittent crashes and hangs

  •  05-26-2019, 13:50

    Betreft: Re: Intermittent crashes and hangs


    As for system resource usage of a DAW versus a video editor, that depends on the number of tracks, routing, grouping, plugins, etc. you have active, and of course the capabilities of your hardware. Not sure what you're types of projects you're creating in REAPER, but I'm often mixing and mastering 40+ tracks containing a lot of complex configurations, so YMMV.

    I produce with Ableton Live, with 60 - 80 tracks, containing lossless WAV's (48 kHz, 24/32 Bit), in almost every project.On several tracks are heavy VST plugins, such as Ozone. 
    At the same time SoundForge, WaveLab and several Chrome sessions running simultaneously. None of these pretty heavy DAW sessions come even close to the system usage and draining of sources comparing to 1080P/4K Ultra video editing.

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