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Re: PS22 U - Cross Dissolve Transition

  •  05-10-2019, 9:41

    Re: PS22 U - Cross Dissolve Transition

    Tks Saby

    I tested the new option in the Control Panel after downloading and installing full PS22.2U (not just the patch) and it does not revert back to the handling as per PS21.2 (at least on my system).  If it reverts to PS21.5 then there is still a problem because the changed processing was introduced in PS21.5.  In most cases the setting has no impact and the clips still do not overlap for adding/modifying Transitions.  I recall it partly worked for Fades, when manually Fading the end/start of clips but not when duration is changed via the Editor.  Also, the duration cannot be later reduced to a duration less than the original value set.  After one or two manual adjustments of the Fade the clips will not overlap for some reason I could not determine.

    Details have been added to the Corel Support ticket I raised earlier re Fades & Transitions.

    It seems possible/likely that there may be a conflict with the Timeline Mode settings and/or the changed processing between PS21.2 and PS21.5.  In any case the Control Panel option appears superfluous if the Fades and Transitions are handled as per the Timeline Mode......Overwrite Mode (maintain sync) OR Insert Mode (overlap).  However, there may be other non obvious uses for the Control Panel option.

    I'd be interested to know if the setting in the Control Panel works for you and reverts back to the PS21.2 handling for Fades and Transitions.  If so, I'll test further when I arrive home at the end of May.

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