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Re: PS22 U - Cross Dissolve Transition

  •  05-10-2019, 5:21

    Re: PS22 U - Cross Dissolve Transition

    I believe this is caused by Corel's 'new' way of handling Transitions....aimed, it appears, at keeping tracks in sync.  But it simply causes poor video unless the clips involved are trimmed.  You will probably notice also that the audio misses the Transition, causing abrupt stop/start audio where still frames are auto created to protect the length of the Track.  Additional issues are created where clips are split and the two components overlap....the overlap needs to be trimmed away to get a smooth result.

    If there is motion or audio at the Transition point the clip/clips need to be trimmed to avoid poor/unwatchable video (reduces the length of the Track and can cause sync issues between tracks).  This 'new' method works OK for 'Pictures' but not for Video, and Studio is a Video editor.

    This issue has been raised a number of times with Corel.....it's unclear if they fully understand the problem.  The suggestion has been that Timeline Overwrite Mode should add Fades (cross-fades between clips) and Transitions without overlapping the clips (creates still frames and protects the length of the Timeline to avoids sync issues) and Timeline Insert Mode should overlap the clips, shorten the Track and provide smooth Fade (cross-fade between clips)/Transition.  The user would then have the option to maintain sync (Overwrite Mode) or auto trim clips (Insert Mode) to provide a smooth Fade/Transition....should also apply to Ripples.  It just seems too simple!

    I'm traveling at present and don't have access to Studio but I recall that if you only need to add a few Transitions then try adding a Fade first (fold end or start of clip/s with the Timeline in Insert Mode) and then drag the Transition onto the Fade.  The Fade is probably very similar to Cross Dissolve Transition in any case.  The Fade will overlap the clips and the Transition will replace the Fade.  The result should hopefully be a smooth Transition.

     If possible do this early in the editing process before adding video to separate Tracks, to reduce 'sync' issues.

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